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Top 10 Markets to Watch in 2017

13 Mar 2017

In a newly released White Paper, the Construction Intelligence Center assesses the risks and opportunities outlook for 10 key advanced and emerging markets in 2017 and beyond.


The US and the UK are featured, with both having improving underlying fundamentals, but being subject to much uncertainty over how the political situations in both countries will affect the construction industries. Also included in the list are the relatively high growth-high risk markets of Vietnam and Indonesia. Indonesia’s construction industry will climb the global rankings in terms of size, with growth being driven by continued investment in infrastructure projects. Although growth will be high in Vietnam, the dominance of the state sector over the more dynamic private sector will prevent a more rapid economic recovery. 


All four of the BRIC countries are included. India will post the fastest growth over the next four years among these large emerging markets, while Brazil will remain the laggard. The construction industry in Brazil is greatly troubled, with the fallout from the Petrobras corruption scandal disrupting industry operations and undermining confidence. The industry will contract further in 2017 before recovering slowly. 


China will remain by far the largest market, but the pace of growth is slowing, with the oversupply of real estate being a concern. Although trying to rebalance the economy, the government will invest in infrastructure projects to drive growth when necessary. The prospects for growth in Russia, meanwhile, have been greatly undermined by Western sanctions and sustained weakness in oil prices. 


Also included are Saudi Arabia and Colombia, two markets that had held great growth potential, but whose expansion has also been greatly hampered by the decline in oil prices.  



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