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The growing popularity of modular buildings

22 Dec 2016

Modular buildings are growing in popularity, and some recent projects have demonstrated the vast potential of this new innovation, according to Timetric's Construction Intelligence Centre (CIC).


Modular buildings, prefabricated structures consisting of multiple sections (modules), are completed offsite before being transported to the construction site, where they are then positioned into place. In addition to requiring far less manual construction, this innovation offers a number of potential benefits to developers, chiefly increases in productivity thanks to the speed with which projects can be completed. As opposed to building a structure through a range of materials onsite, modular sections are constructed in factories using machines. These modules can then be transported to a construction site and quickly assembled, requiring less manpower and reducing the time spent onsite. A prime example of this is the 30-storey Broad Group hotel in Hunan, China, which consisted of 93% prefabricated parts and was assembled onsite in only 15 days. 


Modular buildings are also being stated as potentially more sustainable and environmentally friendly than traditional buildings, due to the potential for greater fuel efficiency and a reduction in building waste. High levels of wasted resources and materials within the construction industry remain a major concern and the potential for developers to order the precise amount of materials needed for a project is cited as a key benefit. 


Despite the potential benefits, there remain a number of key challenges to adopting modular construction on a wider scale. These include a lack of education and training across the industry in relation to the utilization of modular technology and also issues relating to the distance between module factories and the sites on which the modules are required.   


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