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Trump's Ambitions to Revive US Infrastructure

  • Published:Tuesday, February 20, 2018

The US president, Donald Trump, has announced further details of his long-awaited proposal to boost infrastructure across the country.

However, doubts persist over how successful he will be in pushing ahead with these plans and whether they go far enough in terms of addressing the US’s infrastructure problems.


The US suffers from a substantial deficit in terms of infrastructure, with insufficient investment in necessary upgrades and modernisation. This shortfall is felt most acutely in cities and urban areas, which have generally outdated mass transit infrastructure, and are in need of modernisation. It is doubtful that this proposed budget, assuming it progresses through Congress in its current form, will suitably and meaningfully address the US’s massive and varied infrastructure needs.


Compounding these concerns, spending on infrastructure in the US fell in 2017, with the value of construction put in place for infrastructure dropping by 4.1%.
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