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High Risk Markets - Are There Growth Opportunities?

  • Published:Tuesday, November 07, 2017

The risk level facing the global construction industry has been on a generally increasing trend in recent quarters, and there are a number of key markets that continue to languish in the high risk category or face trend of rising risk.

In this report, we take a look at five of these markets: Argentina, Greece, Russia, Turkey and Venezuela.


Argentina: The Argentine economy has returned to growth, and there has been some stabilisation in the political environment, which is positive for construction.


Greece: With two consecutive quarters of growth and more bailout funds granted, Greece’s economy appears to be firmly on the road to recovery. However, the construction industry remains depressed.


Turkey: The economy has performed strongly in 2017, with the construction benefiting from an expansionary fiscal policy, but political risk is high. 


Russia: 2018 World Cup is helping to boost construction, but economy still weak after the recession.


Venezuela:  Sharp economic contraction and hyperinflation are severely impacting the construction industry in Venezuela.


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