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Press Releases

  • UK construction outlook looking brighter

    22 May 2015

    The UK construction industry is expected to perform relatively well in the coming five years, expanding at an average annual rate of 4.2% in real terms.

  • Hydroelectric and wind energy projects lead for the Americas

    14 May 2015

    According to a new report by Timetric’s Construction Intelligence Center (CIC), the major economies in the Americas will invest over US$792 billion in power generation projects in the coming years to increase generating capacity by 380GW.

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“We have been using CIC for almost 3 years to get a closer view & picture of known and unknown projects & competition in different areas of the world. We value CIC to have an overview of local and/or regional news regarding investments in the cement industry and value their “neutral” source of news and intelligence.” ThyssenKrupp Polysius